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Humans have always strived for wellbeing - to feel good, be happy and contented. Good health is crucial for this goal. Ren Xue, a life cultivation method and its innovative Yuan Qigong system, are tools for health specifically designed to meet the needs of our fast paced life. They are practical foundations for building and maintaining health on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual. By cultivating our consciousness, we can better understand and live in harmony with the natural laws of life.

Yuan Qigong - the practice that makes you feel good

When do we feel good?

When things are going our way we feel happy, free and satisfied.

Sometimes the way things go in our life can make us lose that good feeling. A Chinese proverb says “Eight or nine out of ten things in life lead to results other than the expected”. They may trigger strong emotions like anger, sadness or fright, disrupting our inner balance.

Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong are tools that can be used to cultivate and maintain our inner balance by improving overall health, developing awareness and understanding life. In this balanced state, we can progressively change our life for the better.

Everyone can practice Yuan Qigong:

You are healthy, feel good and want to stay that way

Do you feel healthy and want to maintain your health?

Qigong strengthens the entire body and mind, not just parts. The body becomes suppler, stronger and circulation is improved. Qigong training improves the immune system and reduces the risk for contracting diseases.

You want to improve your health

Do you feel tired, stressed and have trouble falling asleep? Do you feel pain in your body?

It is well established that Qigong improves health. Practising Qigong a short while every day leads to continuous improvement of health. Furthermore, your circulation improves; you become more energetic and more alert. Regular more intense training gives faster results.

Many common problems associated with our lifestyles may be significantly reduced or even disappear completely. These include insomnia, mental fatigue, poor memory, weak willpower, poor concentration, low energy and restlessness.

You are considering Qigong but have not practicing

Are you curious about trying out some form of Qigong practice?

Qigong is a practical tool that can effectively improve physical and mental health. Yuan Qigong is a new and unique Qigong style specifically designed to optimise overall health by strengthening the physical body, the mind and elevating awareness. It increases the level and quality of Qi - life force in the whole body. With pleasant natural movements Qi is drawn into the body, transformed and circulated throughout. This rapidly improves physical functions, posture, suppleness and strength. As important is the feeling of wellness that grows with practice – calmness, peace, contentment and feeling whole.

Everyone can practice Yuan Qigong:

  • Easy to learn

  • Pleasant to practise

  • Effective and not timeconsuming

  • Health improvements seen rapidly

Why not find a Yuan Qigong teacher near you and give it a try and experience it yourself before deciding?

You feel that you are not making progress in your Qigong practice

Have you been practising some form of Qigong for some time and yet feel you are not making enough progress? Are you satisfied with the method you are using? Is it too strenuous and not giving the results you expect or wish for?

Yuan Tze who created Yuan Qigong has over 40 years of hands-on experience in the international field of Qigong, martial arts, healing and life cultivation endeavours. His main goal in life is to offer his fellowmen natural tools to help them improve health and life. Read more about Ren Xue Founder Yuan Tze

Since most Qigong systems, traditional and modern, do not seem to fulfil the needs and lifestyles of people today, Yuan Qigong was therefore specifically designed with these key elements in mind:

1. To work on the whole body on all levels - skeleton, musculature, circulation, nerves, organs, brain, mind and consciousness

2. To model the system on NATURE – in harmony with the laws of nature and life, unifying the practitioner with the universe

3. Use of natural body movements, rhythm, unifying the body, mind and inner and outer consciousness throughout practice

4. Easy to learn, pleasant to practise and can progress to higher levels of practice and accomplishments

5. Efficient in design so that Qi (life force) in the body is rapidly increased in amount and quality, initiating positive health effects

6. Safe and efficious for all ages, people with different health conditions and those looking for more physical challenges.

To ensure that students get the proper introduction, instructions, explanations and continued training in Yuan Qigong, it is taught only by teachers trained and certified by the Yuan Tze Centre.

Visite Yuan Tze centre

Read more about Yuan Gong

Read more about Teachers in Europe

Why not try Yuan Gong and compare your current Qigong method and experiences with this new method? Then you can judge for yourself whether Yuan Gong can help further the progress in your Qigong practice.

You want to develop your life further but have not yet found the right tools

Are you tired of merely seeking satisfaction through external experiences based on the form of material things? Are you thinking about your goals in life and whether you are doing the right things?

Although success and happiness are often associated with material achievements, most people sooner or later come to the realisation that life and wellbeing is much more. To develop our life, the key question to ask is “what is the most important thing in life for me?” Most of us truly treasure good health, a number one priority, although in our busy lives we may sometimes take it for granted. Could Qigong be a part of the puzzle in cultivating our life? Qigong is everything about health – health of the body, the mind, our whole being and a healthy coexistence with the world.

What better way to explore the right goals to pursue in life and ways to develop life, than starting with a practical tool to immediately improve your health? An efficient Qigong system specifically designed to cultivate health and life at all levels could lead you to your answers. Why not try Yuan Qigong, a new system designed not just for the physical body but the whole human being.

Read more about Yuan Qigong

There are numerous testimonials showing how Yuan Qigong practice has made significant changes to lives and wellbeing at many fundamental levels. As you practice, your body and mind enjoy health and harmony, your awareness increases and sharpens; your perception widens seeing the bigger picture of life more clearly. With this state of greater clarity and balance, you will be better able to understand yourself, your goals and purpose in life and how to make each day as smooth and joyful as possible. As Qigong practice helps you uplift yourself progressively, so will your compassion grow for others and for your world. At the end of the day is life not about doing good for oneself and others?

Testimonials from Retreat in Stockholm

Testimonials from Retreat in California

You want to develop your abilities beyond the ordinary

You realise that consciousness can influence a person’s development and you would like to develop your abilities further.

Qigong training at a deeper level is about progressively cultivating the consciousness to a great extent. In doing so, we tap into new realms of perceptions, where our senses are developed beyond the ordinary, our abilities trespass normal levels of performances. The human consciousness when synchronized with greater consciousness can exhibit capabilities beyond our imagination.

Special abilities can manifest as physical feats out of the ordinary and mental accomplishments beyond current explanations. This can include physical feats like levitating, walking vertically up a wall or even disappearing from a room. Mental accomplishments could be: direct comprehension, understanding the state/ history of a place, penetrating vision, remote vision i.e. seeing things outside the field of vision, and moving things without physical force.

The human consciousness has innate potential for extraordinary abilities. To develop these abilities, the consciousness has to be strongly cultivated, enhanced, elevated and honed beyond the ordinary. The Yuan Gong Qigong system with nine sequential methods works systematically in unison to strengthen and elevate the consciousness to extraordinary levels. Special techniques in combination with a fully unified body, mind and essence comprise the basis for developing special abilities.

You would like to build a foundation to develop understanding and wisdom

Every step in our life lays a brick for the foundation of growth, understanding of life and development of wisdom. However, the challenges we continuously face often tear this foundation down and lead us astray. Without truly understanding the important role that conscious awareness plays in life, it is difficult to cultivate life and wisdom. Wisdom is a form of special ability out of the ordinary; it cannot be learnt from a book or by imitating others. It is an innate quality of “simply knowing” which may be inherent in some at different levels. For most, it is progressively induced and cultivated as we live in balance and in harmony with everything around us.

Qigong practice with special methods designed to unify the human being as a whole (body, mind, heart, consciousness and spiritual essence) and synchronised with the infinite wisdom of the universe offers possibilities for developing wisdom. The higher levels of Yuan Gong practice are aimed at developing this state of unity and synchronicity with all there is within oneself and beyond oneself.

However, every step in Yuan Gong and concurrent life cultivation, are crucial parts of the whole. As realisation builds along the way, so can the individual work in improving their behavioural patterns, growing compassion for others, deepening respect for life and understanding of the bigger picture. With this comes deep humility, responsibility and inner honesty i.e. ability to see reality for what it is rather than what the tainted mind projects it to be.

Yuan Qigong - a Unique and efficient Qigong system

It is rare for a new and unique Qigong system or method to be developed. Most systems and methods are versions of older methods. In the 1980s – 1990s Zhineng Qigong was recognized as a breakthrough in the field of Qigong and it spread worldwide. The next significant accomplishment thirty years later is Yuan Qigong - a new innovative Qigong system specifically designed for this modern age. Its founder Yuan Tze introduced Yuan Gong in 2013 as a comprehensive tool for health on all levels.

-New unique Qigong systems or methods are rarely developed. Most systems and methods are versions of older methods. In the 1980s – 1990s Zhineng Qigong was recognized as a breakthrough in the Qigong field and spread worldwide. The next significant accomplishment, thirty years later, is Yuan Gong - a new innovative Qigong system specifically designed for our day and age. Its founder Yuan Tze introduced Yuan Qigong as a comprehensive tool for health on all levels in 2013.

The methods are not only safe and effective; practising them also delivers a deep sense of tranquillity and harmony, overall making it a very enjoyable experience. It is no surprise that many people, experienced practitioners and beginners, fall in love with Yuan Qigong soon after they try it. Yuan Qigong is suitable for people of all ages, all health conditions and for people with different needs.

Why not try this new unique Qigong style and find out for yourself? Search for a teacher near you in our teacher’s list.

Comments from Ren Yuan students, read more
  • I practise Ren Yuan daily. I feel that the training session is one of the highlights of the day. I get glimpses of different states of consciousness and I'm refreshed and full of energy afterwards.
  • I feel that this Qigong method offers significantly more than all the methods I have practised so far.
  • Regarding Ren Yuan, the results have exceeded my expectations. I practise it with pleasure.
  • I think the new Ren Yuan method is the extremely good for the body, especially the back. Being able to pick out some sequences and practice these are also great if there is insufficient time for the entire program.

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