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Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Teacher & Practitioner Training Programme

Yuan Gong

Are you looking for efficient tools for cultivating your life, improving health and developing your consciousness? Would you like to become a Ren Xue and Yuan Gong teacher? In-depth knowledge about Ren Xue and Yuan Gong as taught in the teacher programme, can open up opportunities for teaching and for personal development.

Ren Xue 6-level training programme

The six-level on-site Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Teacher & Practitioner Training Programme started in November 2013 in Rotorua, New Zealand. Each level of the training is conducted in a 14-day retreat format. It encompasses intensive training of the various Yuan Gong methods and comprehensive lectures on the foundations of Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine, backed with extensive documentation. At the end of each level of training attendees are certified on passing an assessment.

The six-year programme will be conducted only once in New Zealand*. However, all six levels of training are recorded on video to offer a distance learning programme for those who are unable to attend them in person.

Level 6 training in USA: 4 - 17 November 2018

(to be updated)

The 2017 Ren Xue retreat will be another great opportunity to make profound changes to your health and life. No matter where you are on the path of life cultivation, this retreat will take you another big step forward.

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Why Invest in the teacher training programme?

‘Zi Du Du Ren’ – uplifting oneself and helping other people to uplift themselves – is the mission of Ren Xue. The Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Teacher & Practitioner Training Programme were created for those who are serious about realising this mission. This training provides an opportunity for the trainee to not only work through their own problems and grow but also develop the ability and skills to help other people deal with problems safely and effectively.

The training programme is well-structured to deliver high-quality teaching over the six levels. For each level there is rich content to be learned and mastered over 14 days. The intensive training is facilitated by a strong Qi field and supported by the loving community formed by all the trainees. Significant improvement to health and life as a whole are often the experience of the trainees.

This training will help the trainee build a solid foundation as a teacher. It is an efficient way to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, develop authentic understanding and ability, build the confidence and establish sound motivation. You will be well prepared to teach Yuan Gong methods successfully and help your students understand and use these methods effectively for their health and general wellbeing. You will also be able to help people understand their life problems and offer effective solutions to them according to Ren Xue teachings. As you proceed with the training, you will continue to grow and so will your ability to help other people.

Can distant teacher training be an option?

How effective can a distance training programme be? Can the videos communicate the information clearly and effectively? Without a local teacher present who is there to answer your questions?

Distance learning and training via video can be effective. The course is extensive and thorough and provides in-depth details. For each level of training a comprehensive written training manual is provided together with the video files. Each level consists of 70-80 hours of learning. All Yuan Gong methods are described in detail with the movements correctly demonstrated by a specially trained demonstrator. Underlying theories and discussions are covered comprehensively. You can learn at your own pace and re-watch any part of the training as you wish to deepen your understanding.

Teachers appointed for distant-learning support:

Distant teacher training levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

Overview of distant-learning programmes for Ren Xue and Yuan Gong:

  • Level 1 - Tian Yuan and Di Yuan and theories
  • Level 2 - Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan and theories
  • Level 3 - Zhong Yuan and Shang Yuan and theories
  • Level 4 - Tong Yuan and totality healing
Ren Xue foundations for the various levels are included accordingly.

Distant training - Ren Xue and Yuan Gong education using video recordings.

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