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Stress disturbs the body’s self-healing ability

Yuan Gong

When there is no disease to hold us back, we can be free to realize the opportunities that are given to us as human beings and live life to the full. Understanding the causes of the diseases and preventing their emergence has been of great interest to humankind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Since the beginning of traditional Chinese culture viewing life holistically has been the dominant way of understanding and relating to life and health. This view has contributed to the understanding of the causes of illness, including food, lifestyle, emotions, elements of nature and environment, and has become the foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

More than two thousand years ago TCM became an established medicine with a foundational philosophy and practical methods such as herbal medicine and acupuncture as documented in the book of ‘The Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor’.

In this book, the principle of health is summarized as follows:

”Remain calm, relaxed and natural. If you live according to this principle, your pure Qi will be abundant and flow smoothly. The mind will be quiet and directed inward instead of being scattered and outgoing. Where then can disease come from?"

In plain terms - when the mind is clear, calm and harmonious, Qi will flow well and be strong in the body. With such a good Qi condition, illness cannot develop.

Conventional medicine

Many researchers have found that the body’s self-healing ability could be affected by stress in the autonomic nervous system. The cell biologist Bruce Lipton's research at Stanford in 1998 showed: "stress is the cause of at least 95% of all illness and disease. Dr. Lipton reports that the remaining 5% is genetic and was caused by stress somewhere in the ancestry of that person.”Read more ...

He is not alone in thinking that stress can cause diseases. Other universities and organizations have come up with similar results. They give the following explanation:

The autonomic nervous system's two parts - the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems have the task of independently, ie. without us having to think about it, controlling close to 100% of the body's processes. The parasympathetic nervous system regulates growth, healing and maintenance. It ensures that food is broken down by the addition of enzymes, that insulin is produced and that the liver takes care of toxins, etc.

The sympathetic nervous system is intended to quickly intervene when our survival is threatened and we need to escape or defend ourselves. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, blood is redirected into the muscles and the normal body processes like digestion and purification within the liver etc are turned off. The immune system whose purpose it is to fight viruses, bacteria or destroy abnormal cells is also turned off because it consumes a lot of energy.

If the sympathetic nervous system is activated too often and for too long, it causes damage to the body's internal organs and systems. The reason is that under stress, our cells are closed; they neither get nourishment nor oxygen, nor can they eliminate toxins and waste products including viruses and bacteria. This results in the body slowly breaking down leading to anxiety and concern over the declining health.

Stress Damages Life

Both TCM and conventional medicine indicate that stress is damaging to life.

Prolonged stress can cause chronic problems such as fatigue, memory problems or a variety of diseases that are difficult to diagnose. Currently there are no signs that business leaders, policy makers, politicians or people in executive positions are taking the issue of stress seriously enough despite there being a shortage of doctors and health care resources, and a rise in health care costs due to increased stress-related sick leave.

Meanwhile, there is an expectation from the public that health care systems should take care of us and our problems, to "repair" us when we aren't functioning properly - much like a car being sent to the garage for repairs.

Take personal responsibility for your health

It is up to each individual to decide their future and what direction life will take; no one else can do this for us. If life is full of stress, it is necessary to look at the causes, the underlying habits or lifestyle choices and change them for the better. A life full of stress sooner or later leads to illness.

Yuan Gong Qigong practice will support one in this process.

  • Yuan Gong Qigong provides a calming effect on both the body and the mind.
  • Yuan Gong Qigong provides increased concentration making your daily activities easier.
  • Yuan Gong Qigong supports the work on the consciousness. After a period of Yuan Gong practice one will become familiar with the Qigong state of feeling calm, relaxed and natural. It is then easy to recognise when the Qigong state has gone so action can be taken to restore it.

Apart from Yuan Gong practice, working on the consciousness, especially the unhealthy patterns of the consciousness, is essential for making continual progress on the path towards inner peace and harmony.

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