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Participants tell about Yuan Tze Ren Xue Retreat 2014 Wonder Valley, USA

The 2014 retreat at Wonder Valley Ranch was deeply transformative. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. For most of that time, practicing Zhineng Qigong was enough to slow the disease’s progression way down. Frustratingly, I could sense that in some way I was not healing the root cause of the disease, that something basic was not being addressed in how things were being taught to me.

The new Yuan Gong forms taught at the retreat are powerful beyond anything I could have imagined. They are easy to learn, fun to do and effective even when I had to modify how I did them. Yuan Tze and Melissa Kung, between them, teach in great depth not just about the physical and Qi aspects of Qigong, but also about the internal healing of our selves, our consciousness.

In the two weeks of the retreat, I experienced physical healing; the leg left swollen with lymphedema from the cancer treatment is now almost normal size, and the one palpable tumor is less than half the size it was when I arrived at the retreat.

I also came away with a much deeper understanding of how to live, and how to practice and how to continue to deepen my practice. I highly recommend this retreat and these practices.

Blythe Eastman. May 10, 2014

"The 2014 qigong retreat was life changing for me. I am incredibly grateful for the healing both physically and mentally that I experienced. The retreat was a turning point in my life and health because I experienced true inspiration to help myself and help others. I was able to trust myself and trust others for the first time in my life and realized that the root of many of my unhealthy patterns were from a lack of trust; which effected every component of my life, including relationships and health.

When I embraced trust, naturally everything became easier and I was more open to welcoming love, gratitude and utmost respect into my new patterns and life. From this point I felt my whole body healed; that evening after a group healing I dreamed of a bright Qi ball filled with trust radiating from my Lower Dantian and that my whole body and mind was bright and healthy.

The qifield at the retreat was very strong and the loving community built was beyond anything I had experienced in the past! I was able to feel a strong foundation of trust and now continue to work on my patterns and health in an efficient way using Ren Xue and Yuan Gong. I believe what I experienced at the retreat was a miracle and deep healing and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to live life to my fullest potential with healthy patterns and bright health. I have utmost respect and gratitude to Yuan Tze and Melissa for their teachings and to everyone who made the retreat possible."

Much love, gratitude and bright Qi to you and Yuan Tze, Christine Barr

The retreat was a very valuable experience for me. The value of the material taught in the retreat is truly priceless, because it is about life cultivation, and uplifting yourself from the inside. These are things that it could take a lifetime to find, but Yuan Tze distills the essence of all these treasures in his Ren Xue teachings.

Yuan Tze's depth and teachings are a treasure to humanity. I am truly grateful for Yuan Tze and Melissa. During the retreat, many areas in life that were challenging for me seemed to soften and lose some of its grip. I had a glimpse of liberation from all that was holding me back in life. I felt a deep peace that was subtle yet noticeable. Now I have more knowledge and tools to make real changes in my life.

If anyone applies the Ren Xue principles, they will undoubtedly live a more healthy, peaceful, joyful and harmonious life. Anyone who is interested in making real and permanent changes and progress in their life would do themselves a great service by attending one of the retreats. It is one of the most valuable investments I have made.


I recently attended the Spring 2014 Healing Retreat in California and wanted to share how the two weeks have impacted my life since I’ve returned home. It is difficult to choose what to share, as there were many wonderful and deep realizations and new learning prompted by Yuan Tze’s talks, the interactions with others at the retreat, and my own personal reflections. So, I will share what has had the most impact on me since my return home.

I have steered the course of my adult life through the lens of career, education, and achievement, and have felt quite in control, setting goals and achieving them, with doors opening easily along the way and reinforcing and rewarding my external focus. Yet, in spite of the external image I projected, my internal emotional life felt capricious and well outside of my own ability to manage in an even-keeled way. Qigong, along with other, compatible methods, improved my overall state and my ability to maintain it over the course of the day, but at my core I did not believe in my own ability to be the master of my Shen. In fact, in the not too distant past, strong emotional reactions still generated in me a fear of truly losing control of my emotional or mental state. It didn’t really matter that this fear was never realized. The fear was always in the back of my mind, whispering in my ear whenever I felt strong emotions, eroding my sense of stability and picking away at my state.

Had you asked me prior to retreat if I still carried this fear, I would have said no, and that would have been the truth. What would have been left unrealized in my own thinking, and therefore left unsaid, was what was hanging in the abyss between the old pattern of thought and the new; that in spite of my progress, prior to the retreat I did not have a real sense of, or belief in my own ability to truly, and genuinely manage my own state on a consistent basis no matter what was happening externally or internally.

Through Yuan Tze’s teaching at the retreat, and through the interactions and conversations with the other participants, I began to see very clearly that I have all the tools I need to make true and significant progress in my life. I began to see that my reliance on retreats and teachers outside of myself as the means to grow and learn was part of my pattern of not believing in my own ability to heal myself. It is the wisdom of the teachers with whom I’ve been lucky enough to learn that I’ve found the tools I use to make progress. But it is through my own effort that I’ve grown as I have. I finally, truly got this at the retreat. I have everything I need within me to create the same, powerful conditions that are present at retreat, and which, for me, facilitate rapid growth and realization. I have Yuan Gong practice, which fuels my Jing and Shen. I have practices for dealing with patterns that interfere with my health, happiness, and well-being. Once I realized that it is not because of others that I grow, but through my own effort, maintaining my practices at home has been so much smoother and easier.

For me, this pattern of not believing in my own ability to heal myself had been interfering with my progress. My new sense of self-efficacy has given me motivation for maintaining a daily Yuan Gong practice, and for working on patterns, not just in a formal way, but informally all day as they arise. It is a generous and wonderful gift that I’ve chosen to open and I use it with gratitude and Gongjing.

Marsha Moore

This June (2014) marks the 10th anniversary of a life changing health condition which has consumed my life experience in a profoundly negative way since the beginning. With great faith in "modern Western medicine," I relentlessly held out hope that one day some doctor would listen closely enough and be able to use his or her personal clinical experience to put my puzzle together. But after 85+ orthodox physicians and countless wasted work ups as well as numerous alternative modalities on three different continents, I finally had my back against the wall with nowhere to go.

That was 2010; the year Yuan Tze first came to the US. After following him around the West Coast that summer, I decided to give his teaching a try. I became motivated mostly because I had felt an immediate, albeit subtle and temporary symptomatic change, after just the first encounter. Initially I was not in it for elevating my consciousness, but merely for long-term survival.

Now, after attending seven two-week retreats and ten one-day or weekend presentations, I can safely say that his methods and teachings are highly effective on all aspects of life; from the physical to the psychological to the spiritual. I honestly don't know where else someone can receive such a comprehensive "makeover" with any other teacher, doing any other self-help program. And I compare this to having done several residential meditation retreats, years of psychotherapy in my 30s and early 40s and the attendance in a highly committed multi-year spiritual development program in Berkeley, California before discovering Yuan Tze.

He is not a saint, does not want to be worshipped nor is he a businessman with interest in financial gain. And for this, I consider him a rare and genuine individual with a level of life cultivation rarely seen anywhere in the world today.

And my symptoms? I never had a spontaneous remission at a retreat like so many others have had over the years. I wanted nothing more than this - to be relieved of suffering - but it seems my journey had to be a long one. It feels like having been dragged through mud and then continuing walking through hell until emerging on the other side. For the first time, during the most recent retreat, I now feel in complete control over the symptoms. I know it is only a matter of time before I return to living without symptoms. And although life has become sweeter due to this work, the depth of gratefulness and joy when health is perfect will surely be much deeper than earlier in life!

Yet, I'm writing this from Ecuador where I continue to receive alternative therapy once again after a two-month stint last year. So what good is Qigong if I still seek external therapies? Not that Qigong couldn't be my stand-alone therapy, but I have chosen all the help I can muster to emerge from this ordeal. Qigong, along with its central characteristic - the ever-important cultivation of mind activity - has become the central pillar on which the final leg of my health recovery is resting.

In my opinion, Qigong, and Yuan Tze's teaching on life cultivation, should represent the primary foundation around which any other healing activities must rest if one is to realize sustained recovery and complete return to health.

Moreover, Yuan Tze's teachings go far beyond mere physical healing. He endeavors to catalyze the deeper work in his students - the work on consciousness patterns, and this is where the promised land lies. From this deeper work can spring not only spontaneous remissions from illness, but just as importantly, an elevation of life which is so widely sought after, but so rarely attained.

It's amazing work and I've only begun to scratch the surface.

Steve L.

Airline pilot and acupuncturist

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