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Experiences from Yuan Tze Ren Xue retreat at Wik Folk High School in 2013.

The 2012 retreat at Wik was at a basic level and focused a lot on Qigong training and physical improvements. This year Yuan Tze tried to guide and assist us on a deeper level. He wanted us to face ourselves with our patterns and habits. The theme of the retreat was:

Grundlägg ett hälsosamt medvetande.

Skapa ett bra liv.

It is not an easy task and it can feel uncomfortable to participate in such a process. But our patterns and habits damage our lives. They destroy the life process if we let them remain. The key is to see the good in process and continue to grow. By focusing more on the mind and how its activities affect us, we can gradually break with our habitual patterns, change them to become more healthy. The result is that we get better health, grow as human beings and understand more and more how we can live a good life.

An element of surprise during the event was that a new Qigong technique - Yuan Gong - was introduced and taught for the first time and the participants seemed to enjoy it after practicing the technique for a few days.

Comments from participants at the Yuan Tze Ren Xue retreat in Stockholm

Thanks for an incredible qigong retreat! So immensely well organized, everything went really "smoothly" and it's amazing to have been part of this. I am the same person as before, but still feel that I'm another. Something meaningful and transformative has happened, that I know very well, but can not put into words. Could well be described as it has become easy; life has not become easy, but the feeling of it. Crystal clear, right? It feels as if life has got a base and that for example physical ailments ended up a bit more in the background. I think I have earlier in life remained steadily but have for so long found myself in a quagmire that I lost sight of how a good life will be felt. I'm just so very happy and pleased and grateful for it, life has really changed.

A great tribute to the entire event! Everything worked. Very good with tutorial and counseling. A big thanks to Stockholm gang who fixed everything, to all teachers who joyfully shared whether it was lesson or break and of course also to Melissa and Yuan Tze. I thought the lectures were extremely interesting and they have meant a lot to me. With the theory as a base, exercise gets a depth that I have not felt before.

And thanks for all the smiles, the kindness and consideration that permeated the entire stay!

Dear greetings Agneta

Positive and rewarding. After the retreat I have been free from extreme fatigue after stroke in April.


I have become more physically sustainable in terms of Squats and Stretch Qi. I have also discovered more of my negative patterns that need to be improved. Also, I have not felt any of my neck problems since start of the retreat. My right and left half of the body is balanced, which I feel most of when I do the qigong training.

Anne Abrahamsson

I am deeply grateful that I stumbled upon this retreat opportunity simply by browsing the internet for Qigong centres and activities in Stockholm and saw Arne's website information about an impending qigong retreat. And without too much hesitation or the normal analyzing back and forth, I spontaneously felt drawn to this possibility, thinking it would be good to learn Qigong (from a master from China) as a future health technique. How surprised was I not when I discovered that it was not about qigong per se, but about LIFE, about being a human being, and particularly about being an integral part of nature! The experience, especially the Ren Xue concepts, simple and self-evident though it may first seem to the rational mind, became a "heart opener" for me...

The Ren Xue retreat was LIFE CHANGING on many levels - physical, emotional and primarily spiritual, all of which have resulted in a deeper sense of humility and appreciation of my existence, and my daily life including the challenges that prevail. It has reinforced my acceptance of existing difficulties, making them seem less formidable, and providing motivation and energy to move forward constructively with "today" and consciously letting go of what has been. It has taught me to consciously look beyond facades as an opportunity for change and growth, within myself and others, and to do so with humility and without negative judgment.

I have become an even keener observer of myself, my rational and irrational thoughts, my positive and negative emotions, and in particular, my spontaneous actions and reactions. I am trying more consciously to map my Shen patterns, understand them, and then silently encouraging my inner self to find the natural answers. Most importantly, I have come to a deeper inner realization that no matter how much I seek, and try this and that, the real positive changes I wish for can only happen when I consistently practice "a way of life " which can make me a better person. In doing this consciously, conscientiously and with sincerity, courage and trust, I do believe that it will ultimately lead to changes on the subconscious level and progressively reawaken the intrinsic humility that will open up my mind, heart and spirit to what has been there all the time... to become one with nature again...

I was truly overwhelmed by Yuan Tze, our teacher, and Melissa her "beautiful English voice" and apostle. I feel deep gratitude for the 100 pages of notes which I was able to write unhurriedly and from my heart - it will guide me on my continuing spiritual journey henceforth - thank you. I gave Melissa this handwritten note on the last day as my personal "summary" of this precious experience:

My heart is full, I have no words

My mind is silent, it simply sees

I have travelled far, where did I go?

I don't have to know

Nature simply is...

Anne, Wiks Slott 2013-07-06

On the physical level a lot of painful and tensed structures in my body have gone. I feel more free in my body now.

On the Qi-level I feel the Qi more deeply inside the body. It is logic because my body became more and more relaxed and soft.

On the mental level I experienced a very deep respect for myself and for other people. I realised that I had a lot of arrogance.


I feel physically better in an injury, and is even more confident that healing process is in the right direction. Yuan Tze has the ability to communicate great truths in a way that I can apply in my everyday life, and I have been noticeably more relaxed and happy since the retreat.

I feel that the Yuan Tze genuinely wants to help, and together with all the wisdom of life and probably more "magical" abilities created a great qi field, which felt very nourishing and healing to be in.


I have by far not had time to digest these transformative, educational and above all loving days we got to experience. I have been quite extensive Zhineng Qigong training that I thought were super. But I have never experienced this unconditional love in this way at any point in my 55 years of life!

So to recommend this course will not be difficult. It now remains only to apply this knowledge in my own life!

I practice in full on "flying" every morning in the new qigong method. Do not know if the movements are as they should, but it's nice and free! The first four days after the homecoming spread an immense fatigue in my head. The eyes just wanted to collapse. Today I begin to see the light again. I KNOW that this is only the BEGINNING of this new!

For me it has been a total success rate, both in terms of food, accommodation, surroundings not least and arrangements.

Great thanks to you all who made this course possible!

Hugs Caroline

I feel I got a lot out of the retreat. On the physical level there was a noticeable improvement in my rheumatoid arthritis. Before coming I could only do a half squat, now I can get close to all the way down and think if I persevere that I will manage the full squat eventually. There were a couple of days when I experienced qi reactions (nausea and headache) but the individual healing cleared this immediately. I didn't experience any emotional reactions in the day and felt in a very good state, although I had very emotional dreams at night when negative emotions seemed to pour out of me! It is now 4 or 5 days since the retreat ended, and I am still feeling calmer than before the retreat and continuing my practice.

Both the accommodation and food exceeded my expectations! I certainly wasn't expecting a private bathroom, and the standard of meals I thought was excellent. The place itself is really beautiful which added to my general enjoyment of being there. Everything was also very well organized with care and thought.

Thanks and hope to see you again next year!

Best wishes, Caroline.

I had a very intensive experience, with 12 days full of physical and mental challenges, which widened my horizon and my physical abilities. Now at home I feel less tension in my body especially in my neck, which is great. I was happy, that I could get so good support for my weak condition/handicap.

Love from Elin

I was feeling very good throughout the retreat, both physically (which for me has not been obvious in my many previous qigong-retreats), emotionally and mentally. For me silence helped a lot to keep my mind focused. At each training session, I could already be calm and relaxed to go into training without resistance. It was for me a new and exciting experience.

Already a number of years back I have experienced how important it is to pay attention to my emotional and mental patterns and do what I can to manage and modify those that do not support my life, so it feels very good, relevant that Yuan Tze so strongly emphasizes it.

The new qigong form Yuan Gong that we tried on seems very interesting. During one of the evening trainings I had an immediate result when a headache that I'd had since the morning disappeared completely after the first part of the two exercises.

Eva Helleblad

Basically, and I mean basically - there were lots more to it - it gave me a lot of insight on how to live in a positive way, without claiming to be the biggest pessimist in the whole world, which I did. It was good enough to make me want to return every year, and if I can, I will. I have no complaints.

Best regards Gil

I have new energy, a greater understanding of how our psyche works and a more relaxed body and an open mind!


About what I received from the retreat, I grew a lot. I saw a picture of my role in life and the things I'm supposed to do. It's easier now to set my goals. Everything was very good. I have no complains what so ever. Once again, thank you very much for all you have done for all of us.

Best greetings Maria José

There was for me a change much deeper than in the last retreat. I felt that my heart communicated with Yuan Tze's one. I was very touched by his teaching. I was also touched by his trust towards me concerning my teaching abillities. The challenging task to help people seems to me so urgent and important in this society where the power, stress, money and negativity are taking over other essential aspects of life.

I am sometimes afraid of not succeeding because it is still very difficult to me to keep a good state in front of negative words, criticism and racist people particularly in my close relations because there is an emotional stake . But I shall make everything to succeed there, and hope that people can open themself enough to be helped. So, I was delighted to learn yuan Gong I indeed notice that it has a big effect for a little time of practice I practise it with pleasure.


I got what I wanted, ie a longer continuous period when I could spend a lot of time for both training and reflection using Yuan Tze’s lectures. In addition - or perhaps with the help of these two - I have reached a mental balance, that got my best friend to say that I "sound like before", ie, before I was on sick-list for burnout.


I would absolutely recommend the retreat, to close friends, family, to everyone, actually. After only two days of a workshop I could feel the benefits, this time with the retreat I just felt that this is the right path of life!

Well, physically I could feel the improvment of my knees during the 12 days. I've had a long sport life, doing all sort of damage to by body... and I really could feel the Qi working and my knees and legs becoming stronger.

But the most important thing, was the understanding of the patterns and a truly revelation when my question was picked up from the bowl. A heavy burden was removed from my chest and during that particular day, I felt like I was transforming and my chest filled up this time with love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Acommodation was perfect, the enviroment is awsome, perfect for this type of retreat! I liked the food, but personaly I would like to see more pasta, instead of the rice... My personal opinion. We had only 2 meals of pasta, in the 12 days of retreat. If I had to classify the retreat with stars, 1 to 5, I would give it a 5 stars note! :)

Keep with the wonderful work! Best wishes to yourself and for your wife!

Best regards, Ticha

I have a great confirmation that I walked into the right direction. Got to meet my biggest ("Achilles' heel") blockage in the area where I have Scoliosis and wear damage. Fought bravely in the exercises, but the biggest turnaround was when Yuan Tze introduced us into Yuan Gong. In Yuan Gong, I found a peace and a flow that touched me deeply. It made me absolutely speechless.

Can after the introduction really say that; Ask and you shall have :)

what a heart-opening it was for me, thank you Yuan Tze and Melissa! Looking forward Yuan Gong :).


For me the retreat was a fantastic experience. I recommend it to all my friends, who are interested and which I consider being able to understand and respect the practice of Zhimeng Qigong. In my opinion there aren´t any changes or upgrades to do. It was great and congratulations to the people responsible for the success of this fabulous retreat.

The practice of Qigong, and now the retreat, have been changing myself into a women more calm, serene, peaceful and focused in my interior and on the present moment

About the organization of this retreat, i just have to say that the place was marvelous, with all that natural green and the lake, the receptionist and the cookers were very sympathetic, the accommodation was good and the food too, although sometimes I would have to eat some cookies and tea before sleep, because the dinner was always at 05:00 pm.

Best greetings, Sónia Pires

I had the most brilliant time I've ever had at a retreat. I would like to say a million 'thank you's for all the great days I've had there. I was so impressed by everything. It lived up to my expectations and a lot more.

It was so thrilling to be part of such a great community. I love Ren Xue and have embraced it in all its beauty and wisdom. You and all the teachers managed to transmit a deep respect for this philosophy and everything else around it -the place, the food, the whole organization- did plenty of justice to a wonderful approach to life. In one word, it was fabulous. The practice is absolutely amazing and I have been doing it ever since.

I've seen you had brilliant reviews and I am not surprised in the least. It was truly special. I arrived back at the UK so full of Qi, so high on it, that all my friends and family commented on it. I told them there's nothing in the world like cultivating your Qi. They could see what I was talking about.

I won't bore you with what happened in my life since, but let me tell you that I am determined to become a Qi Gong teacher and I am planning to come back and do another retreat either with you all in Sweden or in New Zealand. I will let you know in due course.

Much joy and peace to all friends in Sweden and a big sunny hug, Carmen Dolz

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